Stefani is a postdoc in archaeological science at Penn State. She received her two PhDs in 2016 at Washington State University and at Université de Franche-Comté. She is interested in how complexity science can help us understand the archaeological past, specifically using agent-based modeling and network theory in her research. Her background is in archaeology and cultural anthropology, and she primarily works in the Puebloan U.S. Southwest, Bronze to Iron Age southern France, and Bronze Age/ethnoarchaeological Mongolia. Follow her on twitter @StefaniCrabtree

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Iza Romanowska is a senior postdoctoral researcher at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. Her research focuses on Agent-based modelling, Pleistocene dispersals and Palaeolithic archaeology. For more info: BSC website or Follow @Iza_Romanowska.

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Benjamin Davies is a researcher at the University of Auckland. His research applies spatial simulation and agent-based modeling methods to questions of human mobility, demography, and archaeological site formation. He works primarily in Australia and the Pacific Islands. Follow on twitter @ba_davies

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From the world of Complex Systems Simulation in Humanities