Analogue Simulation on (a) board!

Family intrigues, vast networks of commercial contact, trading with Barbarians, panem et circense – there has never been a period as fun to explore as the Romans and their impressive trade system. Now you can check for yourself how well would YOU do! Make your fortune, climb the ladder of cursus honorum to become the consul of Rome!

The FORVM: TRADE EMPIRES OF ROME board game has been designed by archaeologists with a wide public in mind. Historically accurate (mostly, we’re happy to disclose all skeletons in the closet though!) it transports the players into the world of political and commercial intrigue of the Roman world.

Although, it is not a simulation per se, we would like to encourage everyone to break, negotiate and shape rules of the game and see how this impacts the results.

You can now Buy FORVM: TRADE EMPIRES OF ROME on the online store.

fig1 copyIf you order now the game should arrive on time for Christmas. No profits are made on the game by the authors: it is purely a fun outreach activity. A note on shipping: our online shop is based in the US and international shipping is expensive. However, up to 5 games fit into a single shipping box, so we recommend you combine your orders or team up with friends to split the shipping costs. For international purchases we also recommend you select priority shipping, because it will allow you to track your package in case customs apply in the delivery country.

All artwork by Ian Kirkpatrick.

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