Thinking through Complexity with the VEP Team

A new useful tool from the VEP is out!

How can we use archaeology to ask questions about humanity? How do complex systems tools help us in asking these questions? Do they? Once you have a question, how do you know it’s the right one? What if your idea is a crazy one? Will others have the same idea?

I think all of us in the simulation side of the humanities and social sciences struggle with the above questions. A new product from the Village Ecodynamics Project shows us how to get from step one to step one hundred. Interviews with the various project scientists, from established complexity scientists like Tim Kohler (who we interviewed last month) and Scott Ortman, to brilliant archaeological minds like Donna Glowacki and Mark Varien, to beginning scholars like Kyle Bocinsky and yours truly, you can watch how each of us thinks about archaeological questions, and how complexity approaches help us answer those questions.

Mark it. Watch it. Share it. Enjoy!


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