CFP: Modeling from the past into the future at 2016 SAAs

Interested in presenting at the Society for American Archaeology Meetings in Orlando? Please see Call For Papers below, and contact me, Stefani Crabtree, at if you’re interested!

SAA session abstract: Modeling from the past into the future

Archaeology offers a critical deep-time laboratory to investigate the long-term dynamics between human and natural systems and to examine how humans have responded to major climatic reversals in the past.  Growing amounts of paleoclimatic and archaeological data mean that we are able to create increasingly accurate models of how past changes in climate impacted human systems and how humans may have impacted their surroundings. The papers in this session aim to address the following challenge: Can we apply our modeling skills to predicting future challenges that may be faced by humanity? How can the insights gained on tipping points from the past help us inform the future? 


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