Course on Teaching Agent-Based Modeling in Arcata, CA, USA, July 27-31 2015

Earlier we posted about an intermediate-level course on integrating the results of agent-based modeling project on integrating model results into a publication. Another course, this time on teaching with agent-based modeling, is being offered at Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA. From the website:

The course is designed primarily for college professors and instructors who want to add individual-based modeling to their teaching and research skills.

Individual-based (or “agent-based”) models (IBMs, ABMs) are a popular new technique for understanding how the dynamics of a complex system emerge from the characteristics and behaviors of its individual components and their environment, but they also have important advantages for real-world management problems.

This course is taught by Steven Railsback, Volker Grimm, and Steve Lytinen. Like the other course, this course primarily makes use of the NetLogo platform, although it appears that no prior familiarity is required for this course. Arcata is in the beautiful coastal redwood country of Northern California, a great destination for a summer short course. Applications close April 6 or when course is full.

Featured image: Redwoods north of Arcata.

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