2 thoughts on “Fun with Markov Chains: A Tutorial Using NetLogo”

  1. Great post Ben. Also thanks for the links to the videos at the end. I’m still haven’t got around to program anything in NetLogo, it just looks like a black box to me (or at least it was at the time when I tried it). Do you use it on a regular base?

    1. Hi Marco, thanks for reading! I do use NetLogo quite a bit, I think it’s a great language for rapid prototyping. Usually if I’m going to start a model from scratch, I start with NetLogo and then see where it leads. The speed alone makes it really useful for using models to think with. That said, I haven’t really found too many things I’ve wanted to do that I couldn’t accomplish with NetLogo. If you’re keen, I think the Railsback and Grimm book is a good place for starting out. Also, my fellow blogger Iza will be running a NetLogo workshop at the CAA conference in Siena in April. And if you do decide to give it a go, please let us know if there’s anything we could add to the blog that might be helpful!

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