SCCS2014 CfP is now open

We have already mentioned the Student Conference on Complexity Science which will be held in Brighton between 19th and 22nd August. They have just released their Call for Papers. This is a fantastic opportunity to check out how other disciplines are playing with complexity science and, a little bird told me, that apart from a strong representation in social sciences and artificial societies they may be a whole archaeology & history session!

For more info have a look at their Call for Papers below.

We are please to announce that the Student Conference on Complexity Science (19-22 August 2014, Brighton, UK) Call for Papers is now open. The deadline for submissions is 14th April at 12 p.m. (UCT).

The Student Conference on Complexity Science (SCCS) is the largest UK conference for early-career researchers working within the interdisciplinary framework of Complex Systems, with a particular focus on computational modelling, simulation and networks analysis. Confirmed keynote speakers include prof. Mark Newman (University of Michigan, USA), prof. Eörs Szathmáry (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary) and prof. Nigel Gilbert (University of Surrey, UK). This year SCCS will consist of five hands-on workshops as well as parallel sessions. The topics will oscillate around ten general themes listed below. Please note that abstracts not falling directly into one of the general themes may still be considered if they are relevant to a specific session.

Theory of Complexity Science

Self-organization, nonlinear dynamics and chaos, mathematical and simulation methodology

Network Science

Technological networks, spatial networks, infrastructure, ecology, social networks, Internet

Planning and Industry

Critical infrastructures, urban planning, mobility, transport, sustainability

Earth System Complexity

Climate change, ocean, atmosphere, ice and solid earth dynamics

Biological Complexity

Systems biology, ecology, ecosystem services, medicine

Evolution and the Origin of Life

Evolutionary systems, origin of life theory, major evolutionary transitions, generative and developmental systems, artificial life

Artificial Intelligence

Swarm intelligence, embodied cognition, robotics, neuroscience

Social Systems

Linguistics, demography, psychology, health, past societies

Economics and Finance

Markets and stability, trade, public policy, game theory

Engineering and Physical Sciences

Quantum dynamics, statistical mechanics, optimisation, turbulence, computational chemistry, nanotechnology, energy

If your work comes under the umbrella of complexity science, then we want to hear from you! To submit your abstract follow this link:

For more information visit our website, follow us on Twitter @SCCS2014 or Facebook


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