Connected Past in Paris

For all you network analysis fanatics out there, a quick reminder that the Connected Past Conference is happening for the second time this April. Since the  beginnings as a TAG (Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference) session in 2011 in Birmingham the Connected Past team has been bringing together researchers working on network analysis and successfully promoting this core complexity science technique among archaeologists.

Looking at the conference programme there is a good mix of applications typical to archaeology such as modelling ancient trade  (Eivind Heldaas SelandFrancisco Apellaniz) or interpreting the distribution of archaeological finds (Henrik Gerding and Per ÖstbornHabiba, Jan C. Athenstädt and Ulrik Brandes), but also quite a lot of historical case studies ranging from ancient writers (Thibault Clérice and Anthony Glaise) to early modern financial networks (Ana Sofia Ribeiro) to modern academic networks (Marion Beetschen).

Thanks to a leak from one of the organisers  we know that there are literally only a few places left so book asap to avoid disappointment:


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